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HALIFAX (902) 880 4266 

Payment Options: 

 Inspect All Safety Components

 Inspect Outdoor Fan Motor (Service Fans and Lubricate if required)

 Inspect air filters and Ductwork (Clean Grilles)

 Inspect Electrical Wiring, Contacts and Terminals; repair as required

 Inspect motor and heaters/voltage/amperes

 Inspect Compressor Operation

 Inspect Reversing Valve for Proper Operation

 Inspect refrigerant charge

 Inspect defrost and heating modes (Winter only, Clean the Heat Exchange Core if Required)

 Inspect for excessive noise and vibration

 Inspect all safety and pressure switches

 Inspect Indoor Thermostat Operation

 Inspect back-up heat and emergency heat source and controls for proper operation

 Measure temperature rise in emergency heat mode

Detailed 14 Point Inspection: Including Maintainence Repair